Future of SEO


Link building is one of the oldest SEO practices and while much has changed in how it needs to be done, anchor text based links are still effective in the process of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The aspects which are considered in link building are social signals, link relevancy and link age. Google is trying to put an end to the practice of gaining valueless links and so the emphasis is now on the quality and relevance of links. It is necessary to understand a little about Semantics to know the way search engines now work.

Semantic Association

Advanced-SEOGoogle wants to improve user experience by improving the relevancy of search results and content. It wants to map types of the content that are in line with the intent of the user, based on what he or she types in as the query. When you type a query in Google then Google knows your location but does not know exactly what content you are looking for.

There might be different reasons that you are searching the information but Google can improve the resutls by knowing the reasons to give more accurate and related results. The relevancy and association is important to avoid spammy links and to return the most appropriate data for a search query.

Why is Relevance important?

It is important to know why relevancy is needed and why the new search results will consist on the data based on this new system.

How is it measure by Google?

We are still far away from a semantic engine but it’s important to understand these changes now so you can be prepared for them. As a marketer, you’ll want to know how to take advantage of changes as they occur.

  1. Google has been busy working on this for some time. The new semantic technology is already being used to apply relevancy of links to tropical pages.
  2. Reasonable Surfer Model is the theory which gives weight to different links on the same page based on the clicks. The font size, position and colour are taken into consideration.
  3. The picture is further complicated by Google with the co-occurrence of words and phrases. It tries to understand the meanings of the phrase. Google has imposed penalities on a large number of websites due to spammy link building and this development stops page rank. There is new way to work according to the latest SEO strategies and techniques.
  4. The Metaweb is not a direct change or algorithm of Google but an open source database of things, people or places to improve the graph of knowledge.

The additions of above things increase the association between pages depending on their connections and real life.

How to create a Semantic Strategy?

Aim to understand the ways in which it can help us in on page or off page SEO.

Mapping Relevance

keyword-mapping-tailThe first thing you need to understand about the off page plan is to understand what is “relevant” to you and how is it taken in the semantic world. Here is the example of “content marketing” and the way in which they are connected:


There is no room here for guess work so you can use various tools to work in the right direction perfectly. You can get help in optimising your on page content because the relevant images and content will be known semantically. There are tools which help to create a list of relevant keywords and phrases to make much better approach.

Building the Outreach Plan

You need to construct an outreach plan to reach the position which you have set. It should be time based plan having complete details in it. When we talk about the off page activities then semantically driven tasks are very important.

Posting without links

Link building is not real marketing; it is a way of connecting your business or brand with related beliefs or interests. Google works on what looks relevant and what doesn’t so links are used with anchor texts with relevance data as well.

On Page Semantic Optimisation

SemanticHTMLGraphA key element of semantic link building is to build relevant links. You can associate more words and phrases to diversify Google search.  You can use semantic signals to improve the search engine results by adding similar words or pharases in your search query.  You can link keywords semantically to landing pages for better results. You can link to high authority websites to get better ranking in the search engine.